Leave your Small Business Debt Collection to the Professionals

CCSG Collect has developed a series of products specifically designed to accommodate the needs of Small Business Owners.

Let our professionals recover your debt (mainly for debt(s) over $1000) or for debt(s) under $1000, use our cash flow management services.

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8 Reasons to use our Debt Collection Services

No Collection - No Commission. If we don’t collect you don’t pay any commission.

No hidden fees

No joining fees, account loading fees or ongoing contracts.

No solicitors fees

No solicitors fees charged on legal documents.

Debt range

We collect on any debt $250 or greater

Account manager

Your own dedicated personal account manager.

Instant action

Instant and assertive action the same day your debt is received.

24hr online access

24 hour real time internet access to view your accounts.

Years experience

We have over 35 yrs of professional debt collection know how.

Outsource your Small Business Debt Collection to the Professionals

Servicing Sydney, Newcastle, The Central Coast, NSW Mid North Coast & Right Across Australia

Debt Collection Services

For the collection of debts of usually over $1,000.00 (or less if requested), where legal action is considered a viable option for recovery. The same day we receive your instructions, a 7 day letter of demand is issued to your debtor. If payment is not made by expiry of the demand letter, a Statement of Claim (Summons) is issued out of the Court and served on your debtor to induce payment. This may be followed by the entry of a Judgment against your debtor and further enforcement action to seize assets or garnishee funds. Commission is only payable on collection. Unlike other collection agencies you do not pay any membership fees, account loading fees or solicitors professional fees which are incurred by your debtor on the issue of most legal process. Costs payable by you are limited to court fees and associated disbursements, most of which are recoverable from your debtor.

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Cash Flow Management

Ideal for managing the recovery of smaller debts (of usually under $1,000.00), where legal action is not considered a worthwhile alternative. Based on a two letter demand process, followed as necessary by telephone attendances on your debtor to make demand for payment in full or via satisfactory and regular instalments, which we thereafter monitor and police to ensure the arrangement is maintained. You can either pay a flat fee of $60.00 per account, or we will pursue recovery of your debts for a commission only on collection of 30%, with a minimum commission of $30.00 per debt (A once off client establishment fee of $30.00 applies).

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Receivables Management Services

Avoid the stress and financial burden of maintaining unnecessary accounts receivable staff, enabling your team to concentrate on growing new business and enhancing existing client relationships. Our systems ensure your accounts have regular disciplined follow-up (via predetermined diary dates for client contact, at each point in the collection cycle as pre-instructed by you) and consistent control (a level of action appropriate to each stage of the payment cycle is initiated by experienced Account Managers), resulting in the timely payment of your invoices, the early identification of potential problem clients and an approach to your clients which preserves current relationships. In conjunction with you, we tailor a product to suit your individual needs. Depending on the size of the debt commission structures can range from as low as 0.2%, or we can charge you a fee for each action taken in contacting your client

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