Many large credit providers recognise the benefits of instigating legal action to force payment of their accounts, but often do not have the infrastructure, management skills or time to conduct their own proceedings swiftly and economically.

At the same time there is a need to avoid expensive and often slow litigation via directly dealing with solicitors, or the high fees and ongoing commission of other debt collection agencies.

It was for these reasons that CCSG Collect developed a streamlined commercial alternative for the prompt preparation, filing and service of your summonses (Statements of Claim) and subsequent attendance to judgement. At and after the point of judgement, enforcement is immediately initiated upon instructions being obtained from your office.

Our report and accompanying invoice are provided at each step of the process, so you are kept fully apprised of the current status of legal action on each of your accounts. In addition, our software allows you 24 hour secured internet access via our website to view the real time progress of your accounts, provide fresh instructions, advise of payments that have been made, or to review your invoices/statements.

How We Operate

You have a ledger of delinquent debtors who just won’t pay unless they are pressed by legal action, but you consider there is a good chance your debtor will co-operate once served with a summons (Statement of Claim) or by way of subsequent enforcement action. However, if your account is lodged with a normal collection agency, then you will be committed to ongoing commission until the debt is paid in full, even though your debtor may regularly pay without any prompting whatsoever.

So, given the above, our Litigation Services avoid unnecessary high costs and ongoing commission and to ensure you are able to recover the full amount of your debt.

We will facilitate the same day drafting and preparation of your summons via our solicitors, including a claim for accrued interest, file the summons into court, serve your debtor and then have a judgement entered on your behalf, all for the once only costs that can be clicked on below.

If you wish, we can also attend to issuing a letter of demand and/or telephone demand(s) on your behalf, prior to any legal action. We would be happy to discuss these further requirements with you.

Where we attempt service of the summons, find your debtor has left the supplied address and basic field enquires do not provide a forwarding address for re-service, we will report to you together with our interim invoice and seek your instructions for location of the debtor via other enquires.

In the event we have our solicitors obtain judgement on your behalf and where no response is received from your debtor, we can arrange for the preparation, filing and where applicable, service or initiation of further and if necessary, concurrent legal proceedings to enforce your debt, for the fees as set out hereunder.


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